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    Effortless Yield Generation. Hold and watch your income rise.

    Our name is deduced from the fact that fees charged from transactions are SYNCHRONOUSLY shared among token holders via our Rebase Mechanism. This generates a positive impact on the wallet balance of every token holding platform members.

    Lucky Waves operates by charging a fee on all transaction activities. Fee sharing is instant as it is executed by a smart contract that triggers a rebase which causes a resonance in the wallet address of all token holders. As such holders do not need to wait or stake for fees to be remitted.

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    Our Unique Value Proposition.

    Lucky Waves is run by smart techies. Our smart contract block fee earning from certain wallet addresses like those from exchanges and DEX pool. As a result of this, all the fees generated from transactions on our platform are shared among our token holders.

    This technology can also add excluded addresses freely and give different authority to certain addresses. This gives us a big operation space in the future to support the DAO governance.

    The fee that goes into your wallet is calculated based on the amount of token you hold. With this, a much higher ROI is generated than would be possible using other methods of fee sharing.

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    Dual Return Streams.

    As with most DeFi projects, platform users only earn when they stake or leave their token in a smart contract. However, with us, token holders can also earn by using their token for yield farming, third party lending and similar DeFi smart contracts. This adds to their yield stream with transaction fee sharing.

    To enable this, our smart contract opens new methods that allow staking contracts to effortlessly work out the fees realized by each token holder whether funds are pooled together or not for any period of time.

    This is a novel innovation that facilitates direct staking of our token and double yield generation. A competitive advantage that gives us an upper hand in the industry.

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    Constant Deflation Mechanism.

    A certain number of tokens will be sent to Ethereum blackhole address in the very beginning, it will create a big attraction effect which gives token price positive impact.

    The blackhole address can receive reward from each transaction fee like the wallet of our token holders. However, it is meant to constantly reduce the amount of token in circulation thereby causing scarcity and driving up the token price to the benefit of holders.

    Nobody can touch the tokens in blackhole, so the deflation will last forever.

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    Winning Mechanism.

    First, the coin holding is randomly selected based on the number of holding addresses, but the more holdings, the higher the bonus. Big users don’t need to worry. The more holdings, the easier it is to win. Small ones don’t have to worry. The project party has already fully considered fairness at the beginning.

    The second is the buy-in winning. It is like a lottery. Within a certain trading time, If you buy tokens once, plus your own holdings, you have more than twice the chance of winning. If you buy 10 times, you will have more than 11. There is a double chance to win the prize, which encourages everyone to buy more orders, because no one knows when luck will come, but as long as you work hard enough, luck will come on schedule!




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